The humility of God

My oldest child, Charlotte, has begun asking why she can’t see God. She knows that he’s all around us, but wonders why she can’t see him. And for some reason, telling her that all she needs to do is open her eyes is taken a bit too literal by a five-year old.

To her credit, pausing long enough in the moment – any moment – to look for God is something I’ve only recently begun to work on. From this practice, and beginning this project, it’s become clear to me that God continually appears in the least assuming ways and places to serve us.

He could make a grand entrance, splitting the earth open and descending from heaven for all to see. Or taking our free will from us, ensuring all believe in Him. But He didn’t, and didn’t.

Instead, God the father sends his only son to us via a young, unwed mother. His step-father is a tradesman, and certainly not part of the religious elite or ruling political class.

In the Gospel, Jesus came to us in the most humbling manner. And He continued this theme of humility throughout His entire time here on earth – frequently expressed through service to others.

The glimpses I’ve had of Him are usually in reflective hindsight. He brought my wife to me in a Mexican restaurant at a time in my life when I was far from Him. Without her, I wouldn’t be writing this as I wouldn’t have found my way back to Him.

I see Him in those that live with extra challenges, yet embrace life with such fervor. Selfishly, I feel as though they are sent specifically to teach me.

Thus, if we feel distant from Him, and question why we can’t see Him, it’s because we aren’t looking. For He is with us always, and frequently most visible in the least assuming (humble) ways.

Case in point, He’s using Charlotte – a five-year old – to tell me to slow down, to pause, and open my eyes to see (as well as to open my ears to hear) Him.

  • Debby Maxon

    It was interesting to me that you wrote this, this week. As I spent many hours in the car alone a week ago, I had lots of time to think and G and C. Add to the time factor that they were recently with us for a few days…I agree w/ all u have written about being reminded to look for God in many things and ways. And, while you say C is reminding you to “stop and look…” I feel I see God IN C and G. Their joy, their love, their learning, etc are all wondrous things!

    When you were little, I was very busy w/ job, house, yard, and yes, w/ you…but I know now that I did not take the time to truly enjoy the quiet, small times w/ you. I was soon busy just trying to get everything done that I had put on my plate, and stay afloat! I see that in you and in L… I see it in my friends’ married children too… it is so normal/common! That doesn’t mean it is a good thing! Sometime when you were in HS, I learned that you opened up the most, talked the most, etc about your thoughts, your life, was about midnight! Wow! That was tough for me! But I did figure out I needed to stay up to listen to you then, or maybe I would not have another chance. Right now, C talks ALOT!! 😉 but thinking about it, she doesn’t always talk when WE want her to…We all need to stop, give her (and G when she talks more) eye contact, put away the devices and give her total attention. She loves you and L soooo much, talks about you, wants to make things for you, etc. There is so much joy and love there!

    So, yes, I agree God is working thru C to encourage you to stop, look, and listen to His presence… but I believe God’s presence is standing right in front of us, in the beautiful children God has blessed us with. Through them we all have a chance to see more of Him…